Design & Simulation

Invensys' Visual Flow 5.5 Utilizes DIERS-Compliant Emergency-Relief Systems

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 14, 2012

Invensys Operations Management has released SimSci-Esscor Visual Flow version 5.5, enhancing the overall robustness with full AIChE Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS) compliance. It was designed to improve usability to the next level by adding databases of equipment and relief valves in the International System of Measurement (SI) units of measure.

Visual Flow is a fluid flow simulator that aids engineers in the design, modeling and regulatory documentation of oil and gas flare networks. Process and safety engineers can design, rate and analyze processes with this steady-state simulator.

Applications include design and evaluation of relief networks; systems containing any configuration of multiple flares, relief valves, knock-out drums and loops. Using Visual Flow reduces the upfront capital costs of a system, as well as ongoing operating costs associated with that system. This can result in combined savings of 5 percent to 20 percent of the value of the project.

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