Global Heat Transfer Introduces Globaltherm High Temperature Thermal Fluids

Oct. 18, 2017
Thermal fluid specialist releases new range of high temperature thermal fluids.

Thermal fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer releases four new Globaltherm products, which have been specifically designed for use in high temperature applications in pharmaceutical and plastic processing sectors.

Globaltherm L, N, S and C operate at the temperature ranges typically found in pharmaceutical and plastic processing applications. The non-corrosive fluids are custom-made for use in processes that require stable media that works at higher temperatures for prolonged periods without premature degradation of the fluid.

The Globaltherm products possess a range of qualities to function efficiently for different purposes within pharmaceutical and plastic manufacturing to best suit plant managers. Each media performs best at different temperatures. Globaltherm S, for example, has the highest boiling point of the fluids in the new product range, of between 385 and 395 degrees Celsius.

As well as temperature, each fluid operates efficiently in different environments to optimize different processes in production. Globaltherm L, N and C operate in both liquid and vapor form in a heat transfer system. This allows plant managers to use the same media for different processes to efficiently produce pharmaceuticals and plastics.