Clariant Launches SGS Catalyst In China

Oct. 14, 2015
Shanghai Huayi Energy Chemical Co becomes first to use ShiftMax 820S pre-sulfided catalyst for sour gas shift technology.

Clariant announces the successful startup and operation of its pre-sulfided ShiftMax 820S sour gas shift (SGS) catalyst at a commercial methanol production facility of Shanghai Huayi Energy Chemical Co. Ltd. This is the first industrial application of the newly introduced ShiftMax 820S catalyst in China, according to the company.

Clariant’s ShiftMax 820S SGS catalyst employs a proprietary pre-sulfiding process, which reportedly offers advantages for coal-to-chemical producers. The catalyst avoids the use of flammable and toxic agents, such as carbon disulfide or dimethyl sulfide, during the commissioning phase. It reduces the risk of high temperature excursions and sulfur emissions during plant startup and production, according to Clariant. ShiftMax 820S is reportedly ready for startup three times faster than conventional catalysts. The higher activity of ShiftMax 820S reduces syngas and energy requirements. ShiftMax 820S is suitable for all types of coal-to-chemical applications and gasification technologies. The catalyst can be used as a simple drop-in solution without changing any plant equipment.

Clariant recently introduced a new SGS process, jointly developed with Siemens, that reportedly reduces capital expenditure for the shift system by up to 20%, and optimizes operating costs with up to 30% lower catalyst volume. The technique can handle different steam-to-gas ratios and high carbon monoxide content without adjustment of the feed gas, according to the company. Steam-independent control of the exothermal reaction eliminates the risk of temperature runaway reactions. The new SGS process is available for use by all coal gasification companies.

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