Three Dow Technologies Make IChemE Global Awards Finals

Sept. 9, 2016
Dow is in the running for the Innovative Product Award, the Energy Award and the Water Award.

Three Dow technologies are finalists in the 2016 Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Global Awards. Dow is in the running for the Innovative Product Award, the Energy Award and the Water Award.  The IChemE Awards recognize excellence, innovation and achievement in the chemical process and biochemical industries. The IChemE Global Award winners will be announced on November 3, 2016, during a ceremony at The Palace Hotel in Manchester, UK.

Dow’s Accutrace S10 Molecular Fuel Marker is a finalist for the Innovative Product Award.  Accutrace S10 Molecular Fuel Marker reportedly enables governments to curb tax fraud by authenticating petroleum products for their intended use (such as agriculture and home heating) and prevent them being sold into higher taxed uses (such as vehicles for road transport) with a chemistry highly resistant to removal through known fuel laundering techniques.

Dow Corning 3363, a finalist for the Energy Award, is a new insulating glass sealant technology developed with approximately 50% higher strength than conventional material, according to the company. The technology reportedly allows architects to design innovative glass façades while ensuring the thermal, acoustic and durable performances of the buildings.

The Tarragona Demoware industrial water reuse project is up for IChemE’s Water Award. Advanced reverse osmosis membranes from Dow Water and Process Solutions reportedly enable industrial water reuse in the water-scarce region of Camp de Tarragona, Spain. The Camp de Tarragona Advanced Water Reclamation Plant uses a combination of Dow Filmtec BW30XFR-400/34i extra fouling resistant membranes and Dow Filmtec LE-440i[1] low-energy membranes to reduce the strain on limited, local freshwater resources caused by supplying the water needs of companies within the Camp de Tarragona petrochemical complex.

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