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Argentine Refinery Contracts DuPont For Clean Fuel Technology

Sept. 18, 2018
DuPont Clean Tech IsoTherming Diesel Hydrotreater Unit will be installed at the YPF Plaza Huincul Refinery.

DuPont Clean Tech IsoTherming Diesel Hydrotreater Unit to be installed at the YPF Plaza Huincul Refinery

Argentine energy company YPF S.A. signs a contract with DuPont Clean Technologies for the license and basic engineering of a new IsoTherming Diesel Hydrotreater Unit. The grassroots hydrotreater will be installed at the YPF Plaza Huincul refinery in Neuquen Province, Argentina. The oil refinery is located in Patagonia and produces gasoline, diesel, jet fuels and methanol. It reportedly processes more than 4,000 m3 of oil per day. Earlier in the year, YPF announced that it would be leading a process between 2018 and 2022 to increase hydrocarbon production and comply with the latest fuel specifications to be adopted on Jan. 1, 2022.

IsoTherming Diesel Hydrotreaters enable refiners to produce high-quality, low-sulfur fuels that comply with increasingly stringent environmental requirements, but at lower energy consumption rates and operating costs than trickle bed hydroprocessing units, according to DuPont. The IsoTherming technology reportedly can process a wide range of feedstocks, from kerosene to vacuum gas oil, including 100% light cycle oil.

Startup of the IsoTherming Diesel Hydrotreater at the Plaza Huincul site is expected to take place by 2022.

For more information, visit: www.dow-dupont.com

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