On-Demand Webcast: Energy Efficiency

Oct. 25, 2011
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Chemical Processing, in partnership with LumaSense Technologies and Rosemount, offered a glimpse into the impact poor performing systems have on energy consumption and strategies for developing energy cost savings methodologies.

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Electrical and thermal energy represent substantial operating costs to plants. Increasing power and fuel costs make it critical to boost energy efficiency and lower energy costs, especially since those savings go directly to the bottom line. This panel discussion provides guidance on how plants can improve energy efficiency and optimize use of energy resources.


Brett Sargent
Vice President of Sales

Brett is responsible for our global sales organization, spanning 10 different sales offices in 8 different countries. He has over 20 years of experience working in various leadership roles in engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, quality and global sales with DuPont, Lockheed Martin, Exelon Nuclear and General Electric, where he was Global Sales Leader for the GE Energy T&D Products division. Brett holds a BS in Electrical Engineer from Widener University, a MS in Nuclear Engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Georgia State University.

Bill Scales, P.E.
Chief Executive Officer
Scales Industrial Technologies, Inc

Bill Scales is an internationally recognized expert in compressed air systems and has been involved in the air compressor industry since 1952 as a "hands-on" mechanic, engineer, author and consultant. He has visited more than 5,000 facilities and audited or provided energy assessments of hundreds of compressed air systems throughout the United States, Asia, Australia, South America, and Europe. He has been responsible for designing and installing systems of all sizes, and has recommended and implemented measures to reduce operating costs and improve compressed air system reliability.

Melissa Stiegler
Product Manager
Emerson Process Management

Melissa Stiegler is a Senior Marketing Engineer at Emerson Process Management in Chanhassen, MN. She has been at Rosemount for seven years starting as a design engineer. Melissa has a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Carlson School of Management also at the University of Minnesota. Melissa is currently working in the Rosemount Measurement Division as a product manager in the wireless group.

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Original Air Date: October 20, 2011

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