Powder-Solutions Introduces BFM Fitting

Dec. 7, 2016
BFM flexible fittings provide a dust-tight connection.

BFM flexible fittings provide a dust-tight connection that is reportedly resistant to explosion pressures. Assembly features a snap-in flexible sleeve that’s held in place with welded spigots.  The sleeve can be quickly and easily removed and replaced, without tools.

An independent study subjected the BFM fitting to designed explosive charges, according to Powder-Solutions Inc.  Five different Seeflex materials were tested.  Results reportedly conclude that the BFM fitting resists pressure shocks exceeding 60 kPa (8 psi), while a sleeve held with traditional hose clamps failed.  BFM fittings reportedly work well with inline, offset and oscillating connections and can be used in any industry where flexible sleeves are required.