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Linde Membrane Extracts Hydrogen From Natural Gas

Jan. 25, 2022
The full-scale plant at Linde’s production site in Dormagen, Germany, features Linde’s Hiselect powered by Evonik membrane technology to extract hydrogen from natural gas pipelines.

Linde pilot plant in Dormagen

Linde Engineering says it has officially started up the world’s first full-scale pilot plant in Dormagen to showcase how hydrogen can be separated from natural gas streams using Linde’s Hiselect powered by Evonik membrane technology. The process enables scenarios in which hydrogen is blended with natural gas and transported via natural gas pipelines, according to the company. The blended gas could consist of between 5% and 60% hydrogen. Membranes then extract hydrogen from these natural gas streams at the point of consumption. The resulting hydrogen reportedly has a concentration level of up to 90%. When further processed with Linde Engineering’s pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, a purity of up to 99.9999% is achievable, according to the company.

Membrane technologies are vital to efforts around the globe for establishing hydrogen infrastructure. In Europe, 11 transmission system operators are working on creating the European Hydrogen Backbone. Their aim is to build and expand a functional hydrogen network, based largely on repurposed existing natural gas infrastructure. Membrane technology like Hiselect could be integral for efficiently transporting hydrogen to end users for use as an industry feedstock, as a source of heat and power or as a transportation fuel, according to Linde. 

“The Hiselect demonstration in Dormagen allows us to display essential technology for transporting hydrogen via natural gas pipelines in a real-life setting. It shows a way to leverage existing infrastructure. In doing so we avoid the high costs and the long process that would be involved in building a dedicated hydrogen pipeline infrastructure,” says John van der Velden, senior vice president global sales and technology, Linde Engineering.

For more information, visit www.linde-engineering.com

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