Need a tower internal specialist?

Sept. 17, 2007
For over 35 years, the Sulzer Chemtech Field Services group has been a successful tower internals specialty company, performing tray and packing installation, tower maintenance and plant turnaround projects.

Sulzer’s management, supervisors and crews are knowledgeable of all types of mass transfer equipment, and are the experts at installing Sulzer Chemtech equipment. This translates to the assurance that Sulzer customers are working with a contractor who is both cost effective and technically experienced.

Sulzer Chemtech can furnish a wide range of vessel-related services such as a complete retrofit of a vessel, from the external pipe flanges to vessel internals. The company holds ASME “R” and “U” certifications, which permits them to furnish complete welding services. Some examples of their welding capabilities include nozzle installations, strip lining installation and repair, tray support modifications, internal piping modifications and tower resections. The company also holds an “S” stamp, which enables them to work on boiler systems.

Sulzer management believes that people are their greatest asset. Average management experience within the company is 25 years and average supervisory experience, 15 years. Says Tim Rebeau, Market Manager, “We have become respected in the industry by our ability to quickly mobilize dependable crews with the right skills and qualifications for each project.  By carefully selecting our employees and training them in their respective crafts, we’re ready to respond with the expertise necessary for any work scope ... large or small.”

Whether large crews are required to work around the clock, or simply a highly qualified technician, Sulzer Chemtech is available for the smallest tray installation to the largest revamps, bottlenecking or major project. Services include blind to blind service with:

  • Installation and removal of all tower internals
  • On-site assembly, inspection and repairs
  • Revamps
  • Code welding
  • Nozzle Work

Sulzer is justifiably proud of its safety program. Management commitment and employee involvement, the hallmarks of the program, have produced an enviable record, reflected in their OSHA 200 Log and the experience modifier data provided by their Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier.

Sulzer Chemtech Field Service Craft Skills Assessment Program is the first of its kind in the tower installation industry.  It assesses craftspeople and provides documentation to customers that validates a tower mechanic’s ability to install mass transfer internals.

Sulzer Chemtech Ltd. is a member of the Sulzer Corporation with headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland and is one of the leading technology and service providers for separation and mixing technology. Recognized as a world leader in the field of mass transfer, Sulzer Chemtech employs over 1,500 persons worldwide and has facilities in most major industrial centers. For more information about Sulzer Chemtech Field Services, please contact Tim Rebeau at (281) 604-4100 or visit

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