Greek Researcher Wins Process Intensification Award

May 28, 2019
Work on producing hydrogen by combining two loops earns recognition

The European Federation of Chemical Engineering has bestowed its 2019 Excellence Award in Process Intensification on Andy Antzara for his thesis “Intensification of sorption enhanced steam methane reforming for high-purity hydrogen production.”

The judges cited both the innovativeness and usefulness of his approach for producing high-purity hydrogen (up to 99%). His new path for hydrogen production relies on a novel intensified process concept that combines two loops to yield pure hydrogen in a single step with a lower carbon footprint and reduced energy demand. He experimentally demonstrated that approach for the first time, confirming the high potential and significant advantages of the combined concept as an intensified route for the conversion of natural gas.

Antzara, who is now a post-doctoral researcher at the department of chemical engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, received a certificate and €1,500 cash prize, at the 2nd International Process Intensification Conference on May 27, 2019.

More details on the award can be found here.

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