Admix Launches Liquid Ring Pump For Wet Applications

Nov. 5, 2020
The LRP-425 meets the need for rapid transporting of liquids at viscosities up to 1500 centipoise.

Admix, Inc., global manufacturer of hygienic and industrial mixing equipment, introduces its liquid ring pump, the LRP-425. The LRP-425 is designed to meet the needs of the process industry for rapid transporting of liquids at viscosities up to 1500 centipoise. 

Able to withstand harsh environments and tough washdowns, the LRP-425’s wetted parts including the pump casing, casing cover and impeller are constructed of 316L stainless steel. The turbine vane styled impeller is engineered with tight tolerances so that product can quickly transfer with very little turbulence and slippage, keeping product intact.

The LRP-425 can be sold as a stand-alone unit and will also be the standard pump for Admix’s powder induction systems. The pump can be easily retrofitted to existing powder induction equipment in the field for the following models: Fastfeed 425, PIC 200, Optifeed OES-V200 and the Optifeed EZ.  For customers who purchase the LRP-425 as a stand-alone unit, they will only need one pump for filling and emptying processes since it can run in either direction. Customers can also use it for CIP return applications.