Plate Reactor Combines the Properties of a Continuous Chemical Reactor with Those of a Plate Heat Exchanger

Jan. 7, 2008
Alfal Laval's plate reactor is said to allow faster scale-up, improved yield and better control of the reaction compared to classic stirred-tank reactors. The unit combines the properties of a continuous chemical reactor with those of a plate heat exchanger. It contains flow-directing reactor plates that are sandwiched between heat transfer plates, held together by pressure plates to create a modular reactor unit. Ports along the reaction channel provide access to the reaction mixture for measurement, sampling and reactant addition. The plate reactor can be disassembled and reassembled quickly, enabling easy cleaning. The mechanical design of the reactor allows for reaction at elevated temperature and pressure. The product range has capacities from 0.25 l/h up to 1 m3/h covering all steps from laboratory scale R&D to full production.