Software Benchmarks Process Operations in Real Time and Tracks Business Results

May 5, 2008
ProcessApex software now benchmarks and tracks the business results of fired heaters, heat exchangers and dryers. Use the results to make decisions that directly impact efficiency, throughput, operating targets and bottom line of operations.For fired heaters, ProcessApex benchmarks and tracks efficiency, excess oxygen, and potential fuel savings. ProcessApex can help to manage excess oxygen, reducing the excess air flow and delivering higher thermal efficiencies. For heat exchangers, ProcessApex identifies bottlenecks and pinpoints opportunities by tracking heat duty, heat transfer coefficients and approach temperatures. ProcessApex benchmarks operation between similar heat exchangers, and identifies excess capacity, so users can optimize the big picture, not just a single heat exchanger.On dryers, ProcessApex tracks dryer efficiency, excess capacity and energy usage/ton. Diagnostics include recommendations of targets, identification of limitations, and methods for improvement. The benchmarking tools help to drive each dryer toward the best proven performance levels.ProcessApex runs on a server so all the results are available to employees on the corporate office LAN via a browser interface. No special client software is required. Through tight integration with PlantTriage, detailed drill-down analysis can be accomplished directly from the web browser.