FCI releases new pulp and paper flow guide

Sept. 20, 2005
Process and plant engineers involved with pulp and paper production who have questions about air and gas flow measurement, as well as liquid flow and level switch applications, will find the new 8-page Pulp & Paper Industry Flow Guide from Fluid Components International (FCI) is a quick reference tool that offers valuable advice on air, gas and liquid measurement, monitoring and control techniques.The company’s precision thermal dispersion mass flow technology is the ideal answer in a wide range of pulp and paper applications, ranging from black liquor and soap interface detection, mill cooking natural gas flow monitoring, burner fuel oil monitoring, coal-fired boiler combustion air flow monitoring, chemical additive injection, pump protection and much more.  With a no-moving parts sensor design and no orifices to plug or foul, FCI’s mass flow meters and flow/level switches offer accurate, low maintenance measurement over a wide measurement range.  A fully temperature-compensated sensor design ensures long-term drift-free measurement with FCI’s flow meters and switches.  They feature low pressure drop and turndowns of up to 1:1000.   In rugged outdoor installations, extreme temperatures, high pressures or high and low flow environments, FCI’s products provide reliable measurement with high accuracy and repeatability.FCI’s flow instruments are recognized for their ease of installation, low maintenance, long life and low lifecycle costs. Serving critical air, gas and liquid process instrumentation needs around the world, FCI products have been installed and at work since 1964.  The company is recognized for its engineering innovation and capabilities.In addition to the power and energy industry, FCI’s flow instruments are used within some of the world's most demanding processes and industries, including: chemical, oil/gas, water/waste treatment, power/energy, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp/paper, steel, automotive and many other industries as well as on-board aircraft applications.   The company’s flow and level switches are the only devices of their kind approved by the U.S. government for nuclear service.FCI’s flow and level instruments comply with the industry’s most rigorous performance, environmental and quality standards.  Product certifications are available for FM, CENELEC, CSA, CE-Mark, ATEX, IP and NEMA ratings, 3A and more.  FCI is   certified   to   ISO9001   and   complies with AS9000 standards. The company’s products come with a comprehensive warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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