Emerson wins Frost & Sullivan Technology of the Year Award

Jan. 16, 2006

The Frost & Sullivan Technology of the Year Award has been presented to Emerson Process Management for its Saab Rosemount radar-based tank gauging technology.  Frost & Sullivan, a global leader in growth consulting, presents the Award each year to a company that has innovated and achieved a leading position in its market.

The radar-based tank gauging market includes refineries, terminals, tankers, and process industries all over the world.  Tank gauging systems are used at tank farms for precise level gauging and inventory management, and optimizing of tank usage and operating cost.  The systems are also critical for monitoring the liquid cargo in all types of marine tankers.

The Award recognizes pioneering of the radar-based tank gauging technology by Emerson’s Saab Rosemount division. In the last two years, Emerson has extended that leadership, having been awarded 16 new patents for technology in the Saab Rosemount tank gauging offering. 

“Cutting–edge technology, superior application solutions, and an extensive network of service representatives has kept Emerson in undisputed leadership of the market,”  said Muthu Kumar, Research Manager with Frost and Sullivan. “The Saab Rosemount brand has built unprecedented brand equity with customers.”

 “Having invented the radar-based level gauging, and continuing to innovate and expand its use, we are especially pleased to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan,” said Steve Sonnenberg, president of the Rosemount division of Emerson Process Management. “Most important, the award tells us that we are succeeding in delivering the benefits of this technology to an expanding customer base worldwide.”

Radar tank gauging is more dependable and accurate than other tank gauging methods, and the Saab Rosemount tank radar is of very high quality and more accurate than competing brands.  The latest generation can gauge the level of liquid in a tank with an accuracy of 0.5 mm. Equipment with such high accuracy has been developed in response to the customers’ need to know the exact amount of their inventory.

Emerson continues to invest in development and application solutions for its customers.  In addition to tank gauges, the company implements complete application systems, including the gauges, plus communication equipment and software for monitoring and control of liquid levels, net volumes, temperature and pressure.

Through its research and market measurement techniques, Frost & Sullivan believes Emerson and its Saab Rosemount radar-based tank gauging brand are well poised for sustained future growth and technology leadership. The company is a deserving winner of the 2005 Technology Leadership Company of the Year Award for radar tank gauging systems market.

About Saab Rosemount Tank Radar

Saab Rosemount became part of Emerson Process Management in 2001.  Formerly, Saab Rosemount Tank Radar AB delivered the world’s first level gauging radar for tankers in 1976. Competing products first appeared ten years later. Since the start, the company has expanded its product line and is now the market leader in tank gauging for both marine and land based tanks. Of all installed radar-based tank gauging systems in the world in 2004, 45 percent were Saab Rosemount, coming from Emerson. For tankers, the figure was 60 percent.  Emerson develops and delivers its Saab Rosemount products and solutions out of its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.  The brand is supported by 450 employees, of which more than 260 work in Sweden, while the rest work in the 11 subsidiaries around the globe. The company has facilities for everything from product development to production.

For more info, go to www.saabrosemount.com.

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