FSA Adds Online Mechanical Seals KnowledgeBase

May 2, 2017
The Fluid Sealing Association launches new website feature.

The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) launches KnowledgeBase, a new website feature with content developed and maintained by the members of the FSA Mechanical Seals Division as a service to manufacturers and users of mechanical seals.  It currently offers over 35 files of content and videos.

Safe, reliable and cost effective operation of mechanical seals and their support systems depends not only on the product design and materials of construction but also on the proper specification, application and maintenance of the products.  The FSA digital knowledge base provides easy navigation to key information to educate and inform users on these topics.

“The FSA KnowledgeBase is intended to be a vital source of highly reliable technical information regarding mechanical seals and support systems. Anyone who has an interest in improving their seal knowledge and remaining abreast of the latest mechanical seal industry best practices is encouraged to reference this as their primary source of information,” says Jason Ferris, chair of the Mechanical Seals Division. “As the FSA seeks to continue to enhance the value provided by this tool to the mechanical seal user community, we encourage users to provide feedback on how the FSA KnowledgeBase can be improved by submitting input through the available link on the KnowledgeBase homepage."

The KnowledgeBase is segmented into four different subject repositories: Mechanical Seals, Gaskets, Pump and Valve Packings and Expansion Joints.  At this time, content is only loaded in the Mechanical Seals repository.  Content in all four repositories will continue to be developed, formatted and published.

For more information, visit: www.fsaknowledgebase.org

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