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June 4, 2008
Chemical Processing's Equipment & Services feature provides a variety of production equipment, supplier services and parts.
Dewatering-drying system features circular fluid bed

This dewatering-drying system consists of a circular vibratory screener integrated with a circular fluid-bed dryer to remove oversize and undersize particles while dewatering and drying on-size material. The screener, a 30-in. (762-mm) diameter Vibroscreen model K30-2-SS, together with the 40-in. (1,016-mm) diameter model K40/48-1FBD-SS dryer, removes up to 50 gallons (189 liters) of water per minute, and dries up to 700 lbs (318 kg) of on-size particles per hour. It’s equipped with an imbalanced-weight gyratory motor that vibrates the screening chamber, which is suspended on springs.

Kason Corp., (973) 467-8140,

Compressors boast high efficiency

The GA range of oil-injected compressors achieves efficiency through, among other things, state-of-the-art compression elements based on asymmetric rotor profiles, which drastically reduce volumetric losses. Through the optimization of oil injection, flow and temperature, the compression process is kept at the coolest possible temperature, thereby minimizing thermodynamic losses. Other design features to further reduce energy consumption include the use of radial fans with variable speed drive (VSD) regulation, high-efficiency motors and no-loss drains. Extra energy-saving options such as an integrated energy recovery system and VSD for the main motor can provide even greater benefits.

Atlas Copco, (413) 493-7290,

Metal detector suits hazardous locations

The Phantom HL-AT model metal detector is certified with ATEX compliance for use in hazardous location zones 21 and 22. The ATEX approval validates the detector’s intrinsic safety in potentially explosive dust atmospheres, typically found in powder handling plants. It is now available in gravity units for freefalling bulk product, or in standard horizontal units for products transported via conveyor.

Fortress Technology, (888) 220-8737,

Switch checks liquid levels in tanks

The Gladiator Conductivity Smart Switch Series offers a simple, reliable way of sensing levels of conductive liquids. This type of switch is suitable for any situation where it is necessary to check the level of a liquid in a tank, including high or low level alarms, constant level control, pump control, and empty tank detection. A low-voltage AC signal is applied between the probe electrode and the tank wall (or reference electrode in case of a non-metallic tank). When the liquid comes in contact with the electrode tip, a conductive path is established between the sense electrode and the metallic tank wall/reference electrode. Current flow due to the conductive path is sensed, amplified and used to switch a relay for indication or control purposes.

Hawk Measurement, (888) 429-5538,

Operator interfaces include intuitive development package

The PowerView 8000 Series of operator interfaces are said to provide an enhanced, easy to use, and intuitive development package, ViewBuilder 8000. This series directly replaces the current version. The series provides four LCD sizes to fit different applications, 5.6-in. QVGA, 8.0-in. VGA, 10.4-in. VGA, and now 12.1-in. SVGA. All units have vibrant 65K Color TFT LCD displays with analog resistive touchscreens. The ViewBuilder 8000 software provides increased functionality including, advanced object libraries, historical and real time trending, alarm and recipe management, Windows True Font multi-language text display, support for BMP, JPG and GIF files, as well as online and offline simulation. 

Nematron, (734) 214-2000,

Pressure transducers deliver in harsh environments

The high-accuracy PX41 Series heavy-duty pressure transducers are rugged, low cost output units for industrial applications and have a FM approved Intrinsically Safe rating standard. Ten-feet (three meters) of four conductor shielded cable is standard. Constructed completely in stainless steel, they reportedly suit the harshest environments. A twist-lock connector is available with the wide selection of amplified and current output models in the PX41 series. The PX41 Series is available in gage, sealed gage, absolute pressure, and a special MSHA approved model is available.

Omegadyne, (740) 965-9340,

Asset management software optimizes maintenance processes
The iSense software suite is a tool for maintenance, documentation and management of pH and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensors. With the software, sensors used in the process are said to be highly accurate, more reliable and become significantly more cost-efficient to maintain. Based on proprietary Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, the software offers measurement loops for field operation that allow users of process analytical equipment to run their processes using intelligent sensors that are able to provide sensor-specific, real-time status information.

Mettler-Toledo Ingold,, (781) 301-8808

Gas detection system functions in range of climates

The SafEye Xenon 800 Gas Detection System detects a wide range of hydrocarbons over an open path of up to 120 meters. Resistant to false alarms and poisoning, it said to operate well in an extremely wide range of climates. A unique combination of triple optics and dual-spectrum sensor allows the system to maintain operational integrity in up to 90% signal obscuration.

MSA, (877) MSA-INST,

Gas pressure regulators provide accuracy, bubble-tight shut-off

This line of gas pressure regulators is designed with advanced features that  are said to provide superior accuracy and long–term reliable operation. The regulators feature accuracies of ±1% of full scale, as well as compact design, low noise and wide rangeability. The regulators are available in body sizes of 1-in. to 10-in. They boast true top-entry design, which provides for ease of maintenance in all models and sizes, and bubble tight shut-off, for environmental responsibility.  The large rangeability designed into these regulators provides for quieter operation and lower pressure drop through the regulator.

Pietro Fiorentini, (888) 618-8787,

Supervision software gathers data after configuring a single control loop

The wizard builder creates connection wizards for communication between process controllers (DCSs and PLCs) and PC-based software. PlantTriage performance supervision software uses thiswizard technology. To analyze an entire plant, you must first connect to hundreds of data sources in the plant control system. After configuring a single control loop, the wizard builder uses its intelligence about specific control systems to automatically poll the control system for the data it needs. The wizard builder is said to reduce configuration time by up to 90% and practically eliminates address configuration errors.

ExperTune, (262) 369 7711,

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