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March 8, 2009

Hybrid Carbon Filter Increases Chlorine Adsorption Capacity

NanoCeram-PACB high capacity activated carbon filters are capable of removing small particles (including bacteria and virus) using electrostatic attraction/adsorption with the ultrafine powder activated carbon (PAC) adsorbing soluble contaminants from water; all at high flow rates. The filters incorporate a pleated wrap of NanoCeram-PAC media around a carbon block core. The end result is a foul-resistant filter which allows the carbon block to more fully utilize its potential capacity for chlorine adsorption before reaching terminal pressure drop.
Argonide Corp.
(407) 322-2500

Scanner Measures Material Surface at Multiple Points

The APM 3DLevelScanner uses non-contact, dust-penetrating technology to create a visual map of the material surface in storage and process bins. It measures the material surface at multiple points to accurately calculate the volume and mass, even in conditions where the material surface is highly irregular such as bins with multiple filling sites, very large bins, or for materials that tend to pile, clump or stick to the side of the bin. It is said to be ideal for non-contact situations such as foods or pharmaceuticals, as the measurement device never touches the material. The 3DLevelScanner can work in small to very large bins – measuring bins up to 200 ft. tall and 150 ft. wide – and can also measure materials in pits, open bins, bulk storage rooms and warehouses.
(800) 278-4241

Transmitter, Corilolis Meters Link for Plant Flexibility

The Model 2200S transmitter reportedly enables the use of ELITE Coriolis meters virtually anywhere in a plant. It is said to be especially valuable for upgrading older loop-powered technologies to ELITE Coriolis meters without adding more power or installing new cabling. The meters deliver ±0.10% liquid flow and ±0.0005 g/cm3 liquid density accuracy in continuous process and mass balance applications. They have no moving parts and require no maintenance. The transmitter can be used with a range of Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis sensor sizes and materials of construction. Suitable for integral or extended mount, the loop-powered design makes for seamless integration into existing control systems and is said to be ideal for long wiring runs and applications in hazardous areas.  Equipped with MVD digital processing technology, the transmitter delivers multivariable and diagnostic information via HART communications for reduced costs through improved process consistency and maximized uptime. Front-end digital processing dramatically reduces signal noise and provides fast response time. 
Emerson Process Management
(800) 522-6277

Pulse Jet Controller Saves Energy  

IntelliPULSE pulse jet controller for baghouses and dust collectors reduces energy costs and offers direct connection to most PLCs with user-specified field bus communications such as Devicenet, Ethernet, Modbus and Profibus. The intelligent pulse cleaning control technology is said to minimize compressed air use during filter cleaning, significantly reducing energy consumption. No tuning is required. Compressed air energy savings up to 90% over continuous pulse cleaning methods and up to 40% over pulse-on-demand methods are reported. Compact DIN rail packaging makes for easy mounting and field service.
(978) 927-4304

Random Packing Cuts Pressure Drop

The three-inch Flexisaddle Low Pressure Drop (LDP) random packing for chemical applications is said to be ideal for SO4 (sulfuric acid towers), SO3 (sulfite) converters, and HRS (heat recovery system) towers. It provides a 35+% lower pressure drop than alternative three-inch saddles with the same mass transfer efficiency. Plant operations savings include reduced blower operating costs, increased unit capacity and throughput, and improvements to other ancillary equipment where pressure drop savings may be applied. Constructed of acid- and corrosion-resistant Knightware ceramic, it withstands rugged handling and has an aerodynamic design and high open area limit nesting, ensuring the greatest possible flow and transfer efficiency. 
Koch Knight LLC
(330) 488-1651

Supply Sticks Strengthen, Simplify Process Piping

These pressure regulating supply sticks combine a number of valves, connectors, and gauges into a compact, single-piece design. Series PCWS was developed to eliminate connections and minimize space requirements in plastic piping systems. The reduction in size and connections provides an overall increase in piping strength by 1,400%, reportedly virtually eliminating potential for breakage.  The multi-function assembly, called a “stick,” incorporates the features of a pressure regulator, pressure gauge, and shut-off valve into a single unit.  By eliminating the need for multiple joints and pipe sections, installation costs are reduced as well. The inherent pressure regulator can be set to supply downstream pressure from 5 to 125
Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.
(973) 256-3000

Sulfur Emissions Analyzer Offers Dynamic Range, Small Footprint 

The SOLA II Flare has been redesigned as a single analyzer system for continuous monitoring of sulfur emissions. It offers a dynamic measurement range of 10 ppm to 95% of volume, enabling determination of the exact amount of sulfur emitted as well as the duration of the flaring event. Based the SOLA II technology platform, it is said to be an all-encompassing solution for reliable 24–7 online sulfur measurement. It provides an accurate, dynamic system that ensures the measuring range necessary to comply with current, as well as future, EPA regulations. Online monitoring enables actual sulfur quantities to be recorded, even at very low levels.   
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
(800) 437-7979

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