8 Articles To Up Your Pump Knowledge

Jan. 6, 2016
These articles will help you prime the pump.

Plants generally rely on a multitude of pumps to move raw materials, intermediates and products, and to supply, recycle and remove essential utilities such as water, heat-transfer fluids and the like. Proper selection and operation of pumps plays a key role in keeping a process running smoothly. These 8 articles will help you prime the pump.

Get Up to Speed on Gear Pumps
Gears pumps offer a number of advantages, such as compactness, bidirectional flow, high-pressure and high-temperature capabilities, and accurate metering. Here are factors to consider in selecting and applying these pumps.

Effectively Control PD Pumps
When flow control is needed for a positive displacement pump, the options aren’t the same as for a centrifugal pump. Several approaches can be used. These include changing the speed of the pump or using an external recycle loop.

Consider Positive Displacement Pumps
Most engineers are more familiar with centrifugal pumps than positive displacement pumps. In many cases, however, positive displacement pumps, particularly rotary variants, can provide the most cost-effective and efficient fluid handling.

Keep Lobes in Mind
More processors in the chemical industry and elsewhere are opting to use rotary lobe pumps in applications formerly served by progressive cavity, diaphragm, peristaltic, screw and gear pumps.

Make the Most of Centrifugal Pumps
A number of key factors must be considered to achieve optimum efficiency and reliability and to best match pumps to certain applications. In addition, a pump recycle line and parallel operation require special care.

Optimize Centrifugal Pump System Efficiency
Taking a lifecycle approach to pumps can identify ways to improve system efficiency and reliability of pump and valve subsystems, and thus to reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and enhance process control.

Enhance Centrifugal Pump Reliability
Pumps often suffer unnecessary downtime because selection didn’t consider alternative operating points and transient conditions. Checking rated point specification, the pump curve, and lubrication and sealing systems is crucial.

Keep Out of Hot Water
Dependable operation of the boiler feedwater pump of a steam generation unit is crucial for many chemical processes. Issues related to design, fabrication, suction and driver must be considered in determining the right pump.

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