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  • November/December 2023
  • November/December 2023

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    View Chemical Processing's History—See Our Future

    We’ve covered a lot in 85 years, and the next 85 look promising
    2023 Vaaler Award

    Three Cheers for 2023 Vaaler Victors

    Three Ohio-based companies earned accolades for enhancing safety and efficiency
    Green Hydrogen renewable energy production pipeline

    Powering the Future: The Rise of Green, Pink and Blue Hydrogen and 7 U.S. Clean Hydrogen Hubs

    Recognizing the immense potential of hydrogen, the U.S. government has earmarked $7 billion, actively subsidizing the development of hydrogen hubs across the country.
    Shutterstock 1930953215
    Water Discharge From an Industrial Process

    Enhancing Industrial Water Management in Chemical Processing: Strategies for Compliance, Sustainability and Cost Efficiency

    Getting control of industrial wastewater drives efficiencies and presents opportunities for chemical companies.
    Lynn Bergeson
    Uses of Trichloroethylene

    EPA Proposes Ban on Trichloroethylene

    Ban would take effect in one year for all consumer products and most industrial and commercial uses, with any remaining uses requiring stringent worker protections.

    More content from November/December 2023

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    Weld Geometries Affect Stress Concentration

    Stress Busters: How to Avoid Fatigue-Related Failure in Chemical Processing Equipment

    What engineers and operators should know about stress concentrations, crack developments, fatigue and buckling
    Four Tips To Avoid Solids Processes Upsets

    Four Tips To Avoid Solids Process Upsets

    There are hundreds of rules to help keep solids processing equipment operating. These four areas are most important.
    Hydro Inc.
    Avoid Data Overload For Better Equipment Health

    Avoid Data Overload For Better Equipment Health

    In the chemical industry, understanding the health of rotating equipment is crucial for safety and productivity. Regular inspections, compliance with regulations and proactive...
    Nano Nuclear
    Nano Nuclear Zeus Reactor

    Chemical Processing Notebook: Will Mini Nuclear Plants Power the Chemical Industry's Future?

    The concept of on-site nuclear power for chemical plants might be more attainable and closer to reality than many people think.
    Remembering Tragic Events

    Reflecting On Tragedy Can Improve Process Safety

    Historical events and emotional connections can foster learning and help keep chemical facilities safe.
    Source: Qi Liu, EPFL.
    Schematic showing straightforward crystallization of 2D ZIF film

    Ultra-thin MOF Membrane Achieves Record Hydrogen-Nitrogen Separation

    Method improves both hydrogen flux and selectivity, holding immense potential for highly efficient gas-separation applications, say the researchers.
    Source: Olof Lönnehed
    An array of paper cups

    Bring a Mug and Ditch Your Straws: The Paradox of Paper

    Research shows a thin layer of biodegradable plastic in paper coffee cups and PFAS found in paper straws can leach and contaminate the environment.
    Elkem Silicones
    A new silicone synthesis route could reduce cyclic oligosolixane

    Researchers Tackle Back-Biting During Silicone Synthesis

    Silicone can generate endocrine-disrupting impurities, and researchers may have found a way to prevent them from forming during mass production.
    Shutterstock 1904076724
    Pump Reliability Service

    Optimizing Pump Reliability in Continuous Operation Plants

    Factors to consider for ensuring pump performance and resilience in chemical facilities