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  • September/October 2023
  • September/October 2023

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    Process Safety: Don’t Let Risk Management Falter

    A deep understanding of risks empowers us to make informed decisions
    Illustration: Derek Chamberlain; Photos: Shutterstock
    2023 salary survey 9 to 5 insights

    Chemical Industry Salaries: More Giving Than Taking – 9 to 5 Insights

    The 2023 salary and job satisfaction survey reveals that compensation, recognition and challenging work are reasons to sing a happy tune.

    Survey: 2023 Chemical Industry Salaries Get Stronger

    The results of Chemical Processing’s annual job satisfaction and salary survey revealed mostly positive signs, including higher incomes, bonuses and raises for chemical industry...
    Source: BASF
    Modularization could offer added value to BASF’s research activities.

    Modularization Standards and Adoption Make Strides

    New guidelines and collaborations pave the way for industry transformation
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    REACH Animal Tests Could Top 11 Million

    Study reveals hazard assessment tests performed on animals continue and animal-free, alternative test methods are rarely used.

    More content from September/October 2023

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    National Science and Technology Council Releases Sustainable Chemistry Report

    The National Science and Technology Council published an important report identifying challenges and outlining a strategy to improve adoption of sustainable chemicals.
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    Solids Processing: Unleashing Innovative Strategies Beyond the Norm

    Innovative thinking in solids processing unveils exceptions, challenges and untapped possibilities. Here are five properties to keep in mind when looking for alternate processing...
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    Enhancing Chemical Process Safety with High-Fidelity Simulation

    Predicting process safety behaviors, gaining insight and enhancing training to minimize risk in chemical operations.
    1 4 Blower Package For Dilute Phase Conveying

    The Dynamics of Pneumatic Conveyors in Chemical Processing: Flow, Control and Reliability

    An overview of the different types of pneumatic conveyors, how they work and application-specific considerations.
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    Shutterstock 1643787379

    Heat Exchanger Solutions for Extreme Operating Ranges in Chemical Facilities

    A chemical processing plant’s innovative approach to adapting a heat exchanger for extreme operating-rate ranges
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    Energy Saver: Benchmark Energy Efficiency Using R-Curve Method

    By understanding this curve, engineers can benchmark, design and operate chemical plants more efficiently, maximizing heat transfer while considering factors such as energy consumption...