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  • January/February 2023
  • January/February 2023

    Ready For Second Act

    Ready For the Second Act?

    The stage is set for more Chemical Processing magic
    2302 Cp Cover

    Conjure Machine Magic

    We examine how the digitalization of machine performance keeps chemical plants running during challenging times.
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    Fight Foam Accumulation

    This month’s Plant InSites column explains the struggle of accumulation of foam in chemical storage, and how one company addressed the issue.
    HI ERN/Thomas Solymosi.
    A catalyst pellet for hydrogen release

    Fine Bubbles Boost Hydrogen Production

    Researchers have discovered a way to increase 50-fold the mass transfer in a heterogeneously catalyzed reaction that could play a central role in future hydrogen storage and transport...
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    Consider the Price Equivalent Efficiency of Power Imports

    The concept of price equivalent efficiency is a simple but useful tool to help you reduce the cost of energy imports while optimizing the efficiency of shaft-power production....

    More content from January/February 2023

    Management Of Change

    Process Safety: Avoid Big Trouble from Little Changes, Part 1

    Applying sound process-safety review screening to every change is the first step
    Figure 1. The LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridge product range includes a variety of lengths and pore sizes. In its production processes, Levaco uses filter cartridges with a retention rating of 100 µm.

    Filtration Solution Outperforms Standard

    Eaton's filtration engineers chose Loftrex Nylon filter cartridges with a retention rating of 100 µm to provide the ideal homogenization of the amine condensate.
    Photo Credit: Amin Almasi
    Figure 1. An example of a small hopper for bulk material handling under revamp and renovation at workshop.

    Powder Handling: Silos, Hoppers and Bins, Oh My

    9 critical design tips are essential to ensure reliability and safety
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    How to Identify and Address a Water Hammer Event

    Prevent costly damage and downtime with these preventive and mitigation strategies
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    Gene Tool Fixates on Fungi

    Chemical and biochemical engineers at Rice University now are able to isolate new chemical compounds from fungi, potentially opening the door to many more novel drugs and other...
    Ammonia Molecules

    Aluminum-Doped Catalyst Cuts Haber-Bosch Costs

    The metal-nitride catalyst is stable in the presence of moisture
    Story Telling

    Process Safety: What Are Your Shell Middens?

    Storytelling provides a great way to communicate vital process-safety information.
    Smokestacks Signal Prosperity
    Ftc Green Guides

    Chemical Compliance: FTC To Revise Green Guides, Again

    The Green Guides provide much-needed guidance on environmental marketing claims, including how consumers are likely to interpret claims and how marketers can substantiate them...