January 2022


Fluid Handling: Effectively Purge Lines

Follow some proven pointers for getting rid of loose materials

High Purity Hydrogen Generator Passes Milestone

A demonstration plant to produce high purity hydrogen from biogas via a chemical looping process

Chemical Processing Economic Snapshot Ending October 2021

Both shipments and capacity utilization rose. Source: American Chemistry Council.

Adsorption Gets A New Option

Novel method based on molecular machines may suit numerous applications

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Forecasts Point To Improving U.S. Economy

The American chemical industry won’t be alone in seeing an uptick

2022 Chemicals Industry Outlook: Upward Momentum Builds

The American chemical industry should increase production as well as its exports and employment

Steam Stripper: Review The Revamp

Installation failings and other issues can impair performance
Blocks with the words safe work practices

Process Safety Management Audits Point Up Operating Practice Deficiencies

Part 2 of our series on audit findings looks at common issues with operating procedures, training and safe work practices

Heat Transfer Fluids Become Hot Issue

Pandemic prompts greater attention to condition monitoring

Cefic Urges Transition Pathway For Green Deal

Report highlights scale needed to meet emissions and sustainability goals

Drive Reliability Improvement Via CMMS Data

You don’t need to boil the ocean when it comes to collecting metrics. Focus on quality and ROI.

Energy Saver: Improve Fired Equipment Efficiency

Several opportunities exist to enhance and maintain the efficiency of furnaces and boilers

Maintenance: Two-Pronged Approach Boosts Operational Excellence

Plants benefit from data-driven decisions enabled by self-service analytics

Environmental Protection: Infrastructure Law Benefits Chemical Industry

The bill’s huge scope provides something for nearly all stakeholders

Profit From Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Follow some practical pointers to properly use these handy devices

Solidify Your Solids Processing

Understanding the potential interactions of key technologies is crucial