LyondellBasell Hyperzone PE Plant Receives First Catalyst Shipment

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jul 17, 2019

LyondellBasell’s Hyperzone polyethylene (PE) plant in La Porte, Texas receives its first shipment of catalyst, that when combined with Hyperzone PE’s technology process, delivers stronger, more impact-resistant plastics, according to the company. Company scientists created and tested this catalyst at the LyondellBasell pilot plant in Ferrara, Italy. Hyperzone PE’s new proprietary polyolefin process uses unique reactors to produce a broad spectrum of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), reportedly using less material to make more durable product.

LyondellBasell broke ground on what it called the first commercial Hyperzone polyethylene (PE) plant at its La Porte, Texas complex in May 2017. The plant will reportedly be capable of producing 1.1 billion pounds (500,000 metric tons) of high density polyethylene (HDPE) annually. Startup of the plant is planned for some time this year.

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