European Chemical Industry Gets Roadmap

By Chemical Processing Staff

May 17, 2019

The European Union’s RoadToBio project has just published a roadmap that outlines how the European organic chemical industry could ramp up the level of bio-based raw materials it uses from 10% in 2016 to 25% in 2030. The roadmap includes three key publications: a strategy document that covers opportunities and challenges to increasing the level of bio-based raw materials in nine product groups; an action plan that details what’s needed to implement the strategy; and an engagement guide that provides communication tools to promote bio-based chemicals.

Achieving this goal would result in significant reductions in carbon emissions, greater energy efficiency, and a strong competitive position for the European industry, believes RoadToBio.

The project, started in 2017 as a collaborative effort of Dechema – the German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, BTG Biomass Technology Group, E4tech (UK) and the nova-Institute, involved market analysis as well as interviews with stakeholders in industry, government and non-governmental organizations.

The publications as well as further details on the project are available here.