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Emerson Personalizes Digital Experience

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 02, 2019

Emerson's new personalized digital experience – MyEmerson – connects people and technology through streamlined work processes and better collaboration, according to the company. With a MyEmerson online account, users can access digital tools to engineer solutions, manage software and installed assets, access training, collaborate with experts, streamline procurement processes and improve visibility into buying history and trends.

“Driven by our personal interaction with digital technology, customers have new expectations today about speed and access to information,” says Brad Budde, vice president of digital customer experience, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Our customers still want access to human expertise, but now expect a great digital experience as well. Combining these two experiences to deliver information immediately and use it to solve problems faster is what drives new business value.”

Digital engineering tools reportedly help engineers collaborate, gain confidence in an evolving industry and streamline time-consuming manual processes. With online sizing, selection and configuration tools for measurement instrumentation, valves, actuators, fluid control, pneumatic and electrical offerings, engineers can confidently and accurately specify products for their unique requirements and process conditions. By employing digital tools, engineers can configure instrumentation up to 93% faster, typically saving over 100 engineering hours annually, according to Emerson.

For procurement professionals, MyEmerson includes access to online purchasing and supplier management resources. Once offerings are selected and configured by engineering counterparts, the information moves seamlessly to the procurement team – eliminating the need for manual handoffs and duplicate entry of model codes. Procurement personnel can then create requisition lists, generate quotes and automatically populate purchase orders. With greater visibility to order status and order history, procurement teams have access to the information they need to drive more efficient processes, according to Emerson.

The MyEmerson development roadmap will centralize the management of software, hardware and workforce upskilling. With easier access to technical documentation, easier identification of device location and the ability to initiate repair, replacement or service as needed, organizations gain maintenance and turnaround planning efficiencies. By moving from manual management of disparate software applications, updates and licenses, users can actively operate and maintain their software portfolio through a single-entry point. Both hardware and software records are tightly integrated to relevant training, enabling trackable and accessible information in the same experience.

For more information, visit: www.emerson.com