Design & Simulation

Virtual Reality Platform Depicts Complex Plant Models Using Mobile Devices

By Chemical Processing Staff

Dec 07, 2018

Siemens and PureWeb integrate the PureWeb Platform with Siemens’ Comos Walkinside Viewer, a virtual reality platform with 3D visualization designed to allow plant engineers and operating personnel to move virtually inside and outside of a plant for operating, training and simulation purposes. The PureWeb Platform provides comprehensive tools for remotely accessing, delivering and interacting with 2D/3D models in real time. This enables Comos Walkinside viewers to realistically depict highly complex plant models in several dimensions using any web browser or mobile device, according to Siemens.

Comos Walkinside can play a role in operation training over the entire life cycle of a plant and enables the simple depiction of large and complex 3D models. Siemens was looking for a mobile solution for Comos Walkinside that enabled collaboration by remote access and found the answer in the PureWeb Platform.

Integration of the platform enables rendering on a server and secure delivery of the images to a web browser or mobile device as part of an interactive stream, achieving a high level of image fidelity, performance and quality, according to Siemens. This allows simultaneous collaboration from disparate geographic locations in real time, also creating new workflows for Comos Walkinside that were not possible before.

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