Fluid Handling

FSA Updates Expansion Joints-Piping Technical Handbook

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 10, 2017

The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) releases a complete update of its Expansion Joints - Piping Technical Handbook. Edition 8.0 is based on the latest experience in research, design and application of piping expansion joints by engineers associated with the Expansion Joint - Piping Division member companies in the FSA.

The Expansion Joints–Piping Technical Handbook, edition 8.0, includes: 

  • updated renderings of expansion joints and expansion joint layouts. 
  • a new section on specialized expansion joints, such as hinged rubber expansion joints, gimbaled rubber joints and pressure balanced expansion joints.
  • a comprehensive list of definitions as they are viewed within the industry.
  • an expansion joint specification sheet for end users to gather information for customer inquiries to FSA member companies.

The publication is intended to be a reference source of information and data for engineers who design and install piping systems. It provides guidance on design and selection of material and proper installation. The publication is available for free download.

“The collaboration on the revised handbook was fantastic. All Expansion Joint – Piping Division members put a lot of effort into the redesign of this handbook,” says Rob Coffee, FSA vice president. “Special recognition goes to Mr. Gary Eiseman of Dinatecnica for taking the lead on organization of the project.”

For more information, visit: www.fluidsealing.com