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Tap Creative Solutions To Flow Problems

By Dan Hebert, P.E., for our sister publication Control Global

Nov 21, 2016

Difficult flow measurement problems require innovative solutions, ranging from using existing flowmeters in a unique way to developing entirely new technologies because current instruments can’t handle the application. In this article, we’ll look at several creative solutions to flow measurement issues.

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Build a Better Coriolis Meter

Keith Simpson is the I&E controls manager for Continental Carbon, which makes carbon black in Houston. Simpson recently helped develop a new process for producing carbon black, but he and his colleagues couldn’t measure mass flow with any existing products. They had to measure the mass flow rate of a feedstock coming out of a preheater at 500-600 °F.

“At the time, no manufacturer made a Coriolis meter that would run at temperatures that high,” says Simpson. “We tested several, burned them up in our pilot plant, and proved they wouldn’t work.”

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