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Russian Researcher Wins Global Energy Prize

Sep 28, 2016

Russian researcher Valentin Parmon clinches this year’s Global Energy Prize, according to an article from Russia Beyond the Headlines.  Parmon, who heads the Institute of Catalysis at the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, takes home the award reportedly valued at 39 million rubles ($600,000) for his work converting solar energy to chemical energy. Russia’s leading scientists established the Global Energy Prize in 2002 to honor and reward scientists from around the world for developing cleaner energy technologies, according to the article.

Parmon’s Institute has reportedly worked with Imperial College London for the past three years on a project to reduce heat loss in oil refining by 15%.  The school is also developing catalysts to process rice husks into bio-diesel for use in the aviation industry, according to the article. The Global Energy Prize has reportedly been awarded to 34 scientists from 10 countries since its inception.

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