Google Steps Up Hiring As Driverless Cars Hit The Road

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 01, 2016

Considering leaving your chemical processing job? You might want to check out Google. The company is offering more than three dozen jobs in its Google X car division — that’s the group tinkering with self-driving car technology. Jobs offered include engineering positions related to motion control, displays, robotics and sensors, along with managerial positions in operations and materials, according to an article from Digital Trends.

In the article, a project manager from the Centre for Automotive Research notes that the hiring spike seems to indicate that Google is planning to scale up. At the same, staying with plastics, polymers or some composite material and specifying expertise in the accuracy and utilization of assets implies lower volume production. So far, according to Google, cars have driven more than one million miles and are currently out on the roads in California and Texas.

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