Dow Takes Home U.S. Water Prize

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 07, 2016

The Dow Chemical Company is awarded the annual U.S. Water Prize for its work in promoting and enabling more sustainable use and management of water by companies across the water value chain. The U.S. Water Prize was created by the U.S. Water Alliance to spotlight organizations with strategies that promote the value of water and the power of innovating and integrating for water sustainability.

Research estimates that if current water use trends continue, global demand for water will exceed viable resources by 40% by 2030, according to Dow. With global water demand for manufacturing expected to increase by 400% by 2050, Dow contends that organizations seeking to remain in business must use the resource more efficiently.

Dow’s win was based on its success with a variety of water-management initiatives across America. In Colorado, Dow technology helped an oilfield operator increase the amount of produced water that can be recycled by almost 100%, according to the company. Further west in California, energy-saving membranes from Dow reportedly enabled a water facility to reduce the energy needed to desalinate seawater by 12%.

Dow also implemented a pilot program led by scientists from Dow and The Nature Conservancy at its own Freeport, Texas operations to gain new insights about the true cost and value of water for business. As part of its sustainability goals, Dow pledges to help deliver solutions that advance a circular economy and close water resource loops by 2025, including reducing its own freshwater intake intensity at key water stressed sites by 20%.

For more information, visit: www.dow.com