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Cashco Web Platform Features 3-D Product Imaging

By Chemical Processing Staff

Aug 11, 2015

Cashco, Inc. introduces 3-D illustration as part of its website redesign. According to Clint Rogers, president of Cashco, Inc., the 3-D product drawings include a cut-away view of each valve, regulator or actuator listed under the website product banner. Visitors simply click on the product listings to select the desired line of products and then click on the desired product to view a photo of the item, along with specifications and the tech bulletin. By selecting the 3-D image option, viewers are directed to a new page that loads a three-dimensional, cut-away view of the valve or regulator. The drawing can also be rotated or tilted, using the mouse, to view the top, bottom and internal view of the valve, as well as the valve body itself.

“We see the 3-D images as being one more tool our customers can use to help them choose the best product for their application,” says Rogers. “They’re able to see how the valve or regulator is made, as the drawing allows them to view all the internal components that go into that unit, including the seals, springs, valve seat, etc.”       

For more information, visit: www.cashco.com