ACC Announces Winners Of Polyurethanes Innovation Awards


Oct 08, 2009

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council recently announced the winners for the 2009 Polyurethane "Innovation Awards."

DuPont received the award in the Polyurethane Chemicals category for Cerenol Polyol, a family of engineered renewably sourced polyetherdiols that serves as a soft segment ingredient for polyurethanes. Fenner Precision received the award in the Finished Product category for its design and development of a rugged polyurethane tank tire wheel for the U.S. military’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

"The Polyurethane Innovation Award shines a well-deserved spotlight on the companies and individuals that have brought innovative new solutions to the marketplace," says Neeva-Gayle Candelori, director of CPI.

DuPont was one of three finalists in the Polyurethane Chemicals Category. The other finalists included Foam Supplies, Inc. for its development of Ecomate, a blowing agent for polyurethane foams that can be used in a wide variety of polyurethane foam applications, including appliances, marine flotation, doors, and building panels; as well as Polymate-INRC, for elaborating on the advanced technology of nonisocyanate polyurethanes’ production with two-component binders that combine mechanical properties of polyurethanes and chemical resistance of epoxy binders.

Fenner Precision was one of three finalists in the Finished Product category. BASF Corporation was a finalist for its light-stable, aliphatic polyurethane framed skylight for both residential and commercial applications, encapsulated with Colofast aliphatic RIM polyurethane. The third finalist was Icynene Inc. for its spray foam, Icynene LD-R-50, a light density, water-blown spray foam insulation and air barrier material with some renewable content.

A panel of five judges representing a cross section of polyurethanes experience and knowledge evaluated and selected the finalists. The judges this year included two journalists – Frank Gupta, PU Magazine, and Liz White, Urethanes Technology – polyurethane consultant Brian Fogg; Billie Faircloth, Director of Research, Kierantimberlake Associates LLP; and Jake Vandevort of CPI. Finalist entries were on display during the conference, where attendees had the chance to vote for the finalists they believed showed the most innovative use of polyurethanes in each category.

More than 700 influential scientists, engineers, manufacturers and business leaders from around the world attended the Polyurethanes 2009 Technical Conference, discussing and demonstrating innovations, advances and breakthroughs in polyurethane materials and technology.

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