Separations Technology

Sulzer Chemtech now offers mist eliminators


Apr 10, 2007

Sulzer Chemtech has expanded its presence in the global gas market with its recent acquisition of KnitMesh Ltd.’s separation technology business.

In its 40-year existence, KnitMesh has gained a global reputation for the design, manufacture and installation of mist eliminators, including VKR Enhanced Mist Eliminators, Vane Mist Eliminators and Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators.

Since its formation, Enhanced Separation Technologies has established a reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of equipment that separates liquid entrainment from process gas streams and controls pollution. Some common applications in the oil and gas industry include: three-phase separators; inlet scrubbers; compressor systems; cold separators; glycol dehydration; and amine absorption columns. EST technical teams bring the experience of hundreds of successful installations in a broad spectrum of industries and its applications to Sulzer Chemtech.

In many process operations, gases and liquids contact each other to form a mist, and if the gas is traveling too fast to allow the liquid droplets to settle out under gravity, they become suspended (or entrained) in the gas or vapor. In most cases, the entrainment must be removed to purify the gas and prevent potential process or environmental contamination or protect downstream equipment (eg. compressors). Installation of mist eliminators is an effective solution to liquid entrainment problems in many process applications throughout industry.

Several different types of mist eliminators are designed for the separation of liquid entrainment. To choose the appropriate equipment, an experienced engineering team must consider many different factors. Sulzer Chemtech now has the engineering expertise to guarantee that the proper equipment will be installed.

Sulzer Chemtech can also provide assistance with problematic or highly complex product separation processes, construction and engineering drawings, and on-site consultations during the construction and installation phase.

EST’s products and technical services are a perfect compliment to Sulzer Chemtech’s expertise in the separation column field. Sulzer’s current product range includes process components such as structured packings, trays, internals, static mixers and related services, including turnaround and field service needs. It provides replacement equipment, hardware and other installation requirements.