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SULCOL: Complimentary design software available for tower internals


Apr 10, 2007

Sulzer Chemtech offers a robust, user-friendly design package for tower internals: SULCOL for Windows. The program is based on thousands of actual applications in industrial columns and experimental data obtained in Sulzer’s own test columns.

Customers can apply for a one-time download of the entire package at the Sulzer Chemtech website,

Sulcol provides structured and random packing hydraulic design and rating with default packing efficiency based on standard organic test mixtures and graphical capacity diagrams with operating points.

The tray hydraulic design and rating portion of the software includes fixed and movable valves, one pass, multipass and conventional downcomer tray design, and descriptions of the complete Sulzer tray portfolio including Shell tray technology. Sulzer Chemtech’s tray portfolio is perhaps the most complete in the industry, ranging from conventional to high performance chordal downcomer, multi-downcomer and their latest development, the ultra-system limit tray.

Input data imports from PRO/II (Simulation Science Ltd.), ASPENPLUS (Aspen Tech Ltd.), or Excel.  Data can be exported to RTF or an XML file and includes a user profile and preferences feature. In addition, the software supports fully autocalculate mode and provides an extensive online help feature.
Sulzer Chemtech’s structured packings, trays and other tower internals are considered high quality, reliable performers throughout the industry.

Because it was Sulzer that invented structured packing, there simply isn’t another company with the same breadth of knowledge and experience. It’s not surprising, then, that they would translate that experience to this type of design tool for tower internals.

Along with Sulzer’s proprietary line of products, equivalents to all OEM packings can be provided. The company has a replacement for absolutely any type of tray, and can address the unexpected problems encountered in every shutdown — problems that can cause the loss of thousands of dollars a day due to lost production. New or replacement trays are manufactured to exact specifications and a complete range of other tower internals including distributors, supports, hold-downs, collectors, and retainers are also available.

For more information on SULCOL, contact Rodney Alario, director of Sales and Service, Sulzer Chemtech USA Inc. at 281-604-4100 or visit