Separations Technology

Sulzer Chemtech expands separation business


Feb 20, 2007

Sulzer signed an agreement with KnitMesh Ltd., based in the UK, to take over their separation technology business. The acquisition includes the company Enhanced Separation Technologies (EST) LLC., based in the U.S. In 2005, KnitMesh and EST achieved combined sales of approximately $9 million with the acquired product range.

The agreed purchase price is about $10 million. The acquisition is expected to be completed within the first quarter of 2007.

The planned combined acquisition of KnitMesh and EST will help Sulzer Chemtech to expand its presence in the important gas market. It will complement the product portfolio in the field of gas/liquid separation, enabling Sulzer Chemtech to extend their range of innovative products and related services.

KnitMesh, based in Greenfield, North Wales, UK, is a global supplier for mist eliminators, wire mesh and vane mist eliminators. Sulzer Chemtech has used KnitMesh as supplier for this product range in the past. The 40 year old company has a global reputation for the design, manufacture and installation of mist eliminators including VKR Enhanced Mist Eliminators, Vane Mist Eliminators and Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators. Approximately 40 people are employed in the separation technology business.

Sulzer Chemtech is the market leader in separation column and static mixing technologies. The business maintains a worldwide presence with its sales offices and locations for engineering, production, and customer support. Its portfolio includes process components such as structured packings, trays, internals, static mixers, and related services, including turnaround and field service needs. They provide replacement equipment, hardware, and other installation requirements.