Fluid Handling

Emerson supplies digital control valves for world's largest olefin plant in Taiwan

Aug 15, 2006

Emerson Process Management is fulfilling a contract received from Formosa Petrochemical for Fisher digital valves to be installed at olefin OL3 plant in Mai Liao, Taiwan. Emerson was awarded the contract based on the technology and capabilities of Fisher products.  

Emerson will supply 1,150 Fisher control valves with the Fisher Fieldvue digital valve controllers. The largest Fisher anti-surge valve, a 24x42-inch FBT with an optimized anti-surge actuation system to stroke the valve with 23-7/8-inch travel within two seconds, will be supplied.

The use of the digital valves in critical applications, and in the maintenance of the plant, will help to address Formosa’s concerns in meeting both local governmental and international regulations on the environment, and will enable predictive monitoring of the processes and digital valve performance, supporting proactive maintenance that addresses problems before they become issues affecting plant performance.

Costs of unscheduled shutdowns arising from outages, equipment wear and tear, and process variability can be pre-empted with diagnostics, thereby delivering optimum operational excellence and profitability improvement. Results have shown that Fisher valves are superior in performance, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Formosa OL3 is to date the largest ethylene plant in the world, capable of a full production capacity of 1.1 million tons per year.