It Takes Two . . .

Sept. 29, 2008
Here’s How Three Users Learned the Steps to Prioritizing Process Data to Secure Useful Measures to Improve their Operations

Wanna dance? Great. But you may need some new moves. Inexorably cheaper and more powerful computing are pumping out a frantic beat of exponential jumps in data generation and storage—and process control applications are caught on the dance floor too. Sadly, more information often doesn’t mean more intelligence—just more stuff to overlook and ignore—and less costly and more widely deployed control components combined with fewer staffers to monitor them make the steps more complex.

Logically, the only way to survive this data tsunami is to seek out and prioritize the few useful gems in that swelling ocean of data ruthlessly, and then get them in front of engineers and operators trained and motivated to use them to improve and add value to their processes.   

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