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Chemical Processing Hot Topics For 2021

Dec. 8, 2021
Check out 2021’s most popular articles and news stories

Once again it’s time to review this past year to see what stood out for readers. Obviously, I am always looking at metrics for how stories and news items perform, but the year-in-review exercise really points out trends. For 2021, I think it’s safe to say that sustainability, energy efficiency and how-to articles drew the most attention.

Here, in order of popularity based on page views at presstime, are the top articles, news items and columns from our regular contributors.

Top Articles
1. Brightening Outlook Buoys U.S. Chemical Industry
Despite the pandemic, most segments should see moderate growth

2. Delve Deeper Into Level Overflow Incidents
Simply blaming human error doesn’t address the true cause

3. Control System Modernization Achieves Multiple Goals
Effort addresses technology obsolescence, enhances lifecycle management and paves way for faster digitalization

Top News
1. Celanese Declares Force Majeure Due To Texas Weather

2. These Five Technologies Will Disrupt The Chemicals Industry

3. Teachers Who Sued Monsanto Win $185M Award

Compliance Advisor
1. EPA Orders Testing For Nine Chemicals
Companies must test for ecotoxicity and skin absorption and inhalation exposures

2. EPA Announces Blockbuster PFAS Actions
Agency updates two reporting rules and withdraws a compliance guide

3. EPA Goes Back To The Drawing Board On Toxic Substances
Agency proposes revising the rules for five PBT chemicals

End Point
1. Chemical Engineer Cracks Hindenburg Riddle
Wet weather, a conductive rope and a unique coating on the dirigible combined to cause the explosion

2. Research Questions Bioplastics’ Sustainability
New model points to carbon footprints exceeding previous estimates

3. Is a Circular Economy Really Sustainable?
Researchers point to how large-scale renewable energy sources are powered

Energy Saver
1. Consider Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage
Improve the economics of variable cooling loads

2. Drive Energy Efficiency With Decarbonization
Three potential approaches could reduce both carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs

3. Energy Saver: Behold The Impact Of Human Behavior
Saving energy starts with conscious effort and corporate awareness

Field Notes
1. Concentrate On Critical Thinking
School teaches you how to learn not how to think

2. Intelligently Edit P&IDs
Getting mechanical details right requires some knowledge of pipe construction

3. Consider The Effects Of Global Warming
We won’t recognize chemical processing by 2100

From The Editor
1. Environmental Protection: Don’t Call Them Strange Bedfellows
Chemical makers and environmental groups working together is a natural pairing

2. Recycling: Plastics Require A Rethink
Policy paper promotes establishing a global treaty with three specific goals

3. It’s Not Your Father’s Industry
Significant shifts are reshaping U.S. chemical manufacturing

Making It Work
1. Control System Modernization Achieves Multiple Goals
Effort addresses technology obsolescence, enhances lifecycle management and paves way for faster digitalization

2. Refinery Reduces Octane Giveaway
Teaming an online analyzer with next-generation APC markedly trims reformer output variability

3. Shift Team Digitalization Enhances Process Operations
Taiwanese complex gains important benefits from two-phase initiative

Plant InSites
1. Distillation: Properly Predict Tray Efficiency
The limitations of correlations underscore the value of operating data

2. Corrosion Prevention: Select The Optimum Materials
Consider a variety of factors beyond inherent corrosion resistance

3. Don’t Simply Blame The Piping Designer
Bizarre layouts often stem from poor communications

Solid Advice
1. Profit From Your Bad Experiences
Flops and flubs frequently can foster future successes

2. Solids Processing: Don’t Fall for Flowability Myths
Some widely accepted ideas aren’t supported by real-world performance

3. Why Doesn’t Your Mill Work Well?
Figuring out how to get the most from your equipment can be a grind

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