Chemical Processing eHandbooks package together current topics that impact and influence your chemical facility. These eHandbooks offer a wealth of information on a single topic. Aimed at providing best practices, key trends, developments and successful applications, the eHandbooks aim to make your faculties as efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and economically competitive as possible.    

Motors eHandbooks

Flow eHandbook: Optimize Your Flow Processes

Go with the flow. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that simple? But alas, there are a variety of factors you must consider to achieve efficient and reliable operations with regard...

Other eHandbooks

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The Data-Driven Approach to Controlling Costs and Maximizing Production

Read this brief on the challenge for energy and materials enterprises to deliver maximum revenue and production yield.
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How Asset Performance Management Software Enables Reliability in Any Asset-Intensive Industry

Organizations around the world are being met with pressure to increase the reliability, affordability and sustainability of their operations, all while managing growing amounts...

Proven Measurement Technology for Flue Gas Monitoring

How do you comply with strict legal limits for flue gas emissions? By using an analyzer system configured for customer-specific measuring tasks. SICK’s MCS200HW monitors emissions...
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Ask the Expert: Solutions to Interface Level Measurement

Learn the solutions and technologies used to drive reliable interface-level measurements.

eHandbook: Vaaler Awards: Celebrating 50+ Years of Innovation

These proven technologies could enhance efficiency and safety within your operations.

Optimizing Your ESG Strategy

Learn how new technologies are helping the chemical industry manage risk, uphold compliance and protect the wellbeing of individuals and the environment.

eHandbook: Establish Better Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy consumption can play a critical role in improving the bottom line.

eHandbook: Roll Out These Reliability Tips

To help you roll with reliability, Chemical Processing has put together this eHandbook, which includes insight on: Make Better Maintenance Decisions —  A simplified...

Battery Materials eBook

Increasing pressure from legislative and environmental efforts is pushing drivers to change from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) to electric vehicles (EVs). The high...

Maximizing Efficiency and Budgeting With Time on Tools

Learn about the challenges, opportunities, and improvements that Time on Tools can make to a plant’s schedule.

eHandbook: Head Off Hazardous Dust

Everyday operations like mixing, drying, conveying and blending create dangerous dusts.
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Pave A Path To Safety And Sustainability

In today’s dynamic bulk chemicals industry, staying relevant and competitive is crucial. Not only are there near-term uncertainties in the market and supply chain but regulations...
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Avoid Common Flowmeter Errors

Learn where to use six flowmeter technologies and why.
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eHandbook: Get Trained On Temperature Measurement

To enhance your training, Chemical Processing has put together this eHandbook, which includes insight on:Measure Temperature Right — Pick the technique and technology that most...
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Quiz: Where Are You in Your Energy Transition?

See how your priorities align with the industry.
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eHandbook: Establish Better Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy consumption can play a critical role in improving the bottom line.
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Journal: Is Pressure or Vacuum Conveying Better for Your Pneumatic Conveying System?

To help you answer this question and more, Chemical Processing has put together this journal, which includes insight on:Is Pressure or Vacuum Conveying Better for Your Pneumatic...
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eHandbook: Roll Out These Reliability Tips

To help you roll with reliability, Chemical Processing has put together this eHandbook, which includes insight on:Make Better Maintenance Decisions — A simplified approach for...
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Efficient Dynamics 365 Implementation for Chemical Manufacturing with Proven Expertise

Accelerate Dynamics 365 Implementation for Chemical Manufacturing with ChemXpress: Proven Expertise for Efficiency and Ease of Use
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eHandbook: Flush Out Flow Frustrations

To help you flush out frustrations, Chemical Processing has put together this eHandbook, which includes insight on:Select the Proper pH Sensor — Consider a number of key factors...
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The complete guide to evaluating Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

A reference guide full of insights and experiences to assist you in evaluating all of the major considerations that should be reviewed when selecting and purchasing a CEMS solution...
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eHandbook: Strengthen Your Process Safety

Dealing with safety issues can involve sophisticated techniques for hazard analysis and prescriptive measures. It demands an understanding of tradeoffs and nuances.
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Maintenance and Repair of Glass-Lined Equipment

The key to a long life for glass-lined equipment is an inspection and maintenance program that is designed for early detection of damage. You can minimize operational and performance...
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eHandbook: Don't Waste These Water/Wastewater Best Practices

Water disperses and conveys materials, serves as a cleaning agent for equipment and occasionally acts as a reactant in certain processes. Treat it right.
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Ultimate Guide to OSHA Injury and Illness Reporting

An American worker gets hurt on the job every 7 seconds. At that rate, safety pros make thousands of decisions every day about which injury and illness cases to record. With OSHA...
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Remote Seal Systems Deliver Protection and Precision

Remote seals protect transmitters when measuring difficult fluids and expand the applications for pressure measurement solutions.
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Permanently Installed Technology: The Major Advance in Motor Testing

Currently most companies use portable technology to monitor their motor’s health. A recent new advancement, permanently installed technology, offers a more powerful method for...
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eHandbook: Strengthen Safety With Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring helps operators improve safety and prevent costly unscheduled downtime.
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Quiz: What’s Your Digital Transformation Status?

Did you know that up to 70% of digital transformation projects fail? Take this quiz to see if your company has identified some of the key factors for digital success, and discover...
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Unified Power and Process: Path to Oil & Gas Net Zero

Unravel the oil and gas industry's path to sustainability and net-zero goals! Discover green hydrogen, carbon capture, and digitalization for a greener future. Dive into this ...
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Accelerating digital transformation with software-defined... everything

Unlock the power of digital transformation in industrial operations! Explore software-defined technologies, real-world examples, and proven strategies for your organization's ...
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Enhancing Safety: Full Lifecycle Cybersecurity for Oil & Gas EMCS

Learn how the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry is digitizing operations with a focus on cybersecurity! Uncover the steps taken to address vulnerabilities in the Energy Monitoring...
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eHandbook: Maximize Your Mixing Operation

Chemical processors face challenges in achieving durable, high-quality mixes. Learn about various mixing technologies and avoid mix-up mistakes.
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Digital Solutions for Batch Processing

Learn why formula-focused ERP is right for chemical manufacturers.
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The Water Quality Benefits of Total Organic Carbon Monitoring

Learn about the challenges and solutions available for organics monitoring in the water and wastewater industries.
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What Chemical Plants Need to Know About Hazardous Areas

Get the latest in hazardous area classifications, best practices and considerations for compressed air systems.
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eHandbook: Hone Your Heat Transfer Knowledge

Chemical processes frequently require a temperature adjustment, achieved through either heating or cooling, to reach an optimal point for efficiency and safety.
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eHandbook: Scale Up Your Solids Solutions

Small changes in particle shape, composition, moisture or other parameters can have a big and sometimes surprising impact.
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eHandbook: Trouble Shoot Pressure Measurement

Pressure measurement is used to monitor and control process plants. Understanding the principles and practices positively impacts the bottom line as well as enhances safety practices...