Relief Valve Good For Low Emission, Overpressure Monitoring

July 16, 2009

Groth Corporation recently announced the new 1800A Series Full Lift Type Valve at 10% Overpressure for applications requiring low emissions and operation near tank Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP).

A Full Lift Type Valve is a relief valve which attains full stable lift at only 10% overpressure.  This new valve is a modulating valve offering near zero blowdown and reseats at near set pressure.  Operating within 10% of the tank MAWP greatly reduces the breathing losses of the product in the tank.

The Groth Corporation 1800A Series Full Lift Type Valve performs better than the API Bulletin 2521 and ISO 28300 seat leakage requirements.  Available in 2” (DN 50) through 12” (DN 300) flange sizes, the 1800A Series valve provides the user with reduced vapor emissions and better tank corrosion maintenance.