Rupture Disc Products Handle High Pressures

April 30, 2012
Products are suited for the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and biotech industries.

Continental Disc has launched two new products to enhance its HPX rupture disc product line. The Sanitrx HPX II Rupture Disc is designed for applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and biotech industries that require pressures above its Sanitrx HPX Rupture Disc.

Used for filters, autoclaves, bioreactors, process vessels, heat exchangers, storage & transport vessels, fermenters, clean steam piping, WFI vessels & piping, CIP & SIP skids and piping, lyophilizers, and mixing, drying, granulating equipment, the new Sanitrx HPX II discs features a choice of 90% or 95% maximum recommended operating ratio, and precision scoring on the vent side of the rupture disc dome.

The second addition to the HPX line is the HPX Double Disc Holder, which consists of an inlet, a mid-flange and an outlet piece in order to accommodate two HPX Rupture Discs. The assembly arrangement offers a solution to multiple applications without a more complicated piping arrangement. They are used for rupture disc leak detection as an actuated rapid opening device, or for the elimination of back pressure.