Visual Periodic Table Features Fun Elements

As the senior digital editor for Chemical Processing, it is my duty to stay on top of new trends. One of the new trends is Bing Visual Search. (Bing is Microsoft's entry into the search universe and is attempting to steal some of Google's market share.)

Visual Search enables users to visualize what they are looking for. Want to "see" the top albums hitting the music scene? Just go to the Entertainment Section of Bing Visual Search and click on Top Albums. You can also sort by genre, artist, weeks on the chart, and longevity. I searched for one of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan, but apparently he hasn't put out anything new in quite some time!

Anyhow, what does this have to do with the chemical processing industry? Well, Bing Visual Search has the Periodic Table in all its visual glory. Visitors can check out the Top 25 elements in the human body, the Top 25 in the earth's crust, first discovered, newest . . . the list goes on.

You can also sort by classification and uses, among other criteria. One fun sort is the most popular elements searched on Bing. Not surprisingly, gold tops the list.

Check it out for yourself >>

Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor