6 Gift Ideas For The Chemical Engineer

Psssst. The holidays are just around the corner. Need some ideas for your co-work1b34 glow nuclear 3pack element soapsers? Want bullet points for your own list to present to your family and friends?

Well you’re in luck. I’ve been writing down cool gift ideas for a few months. I’ve seen many neat tchotchkes everywhere – Facebook, catalogs that litter my mailbox and Amazon.com.

Here are just a few ideas. You’re welcome.

For themolecule of the month se wall calendar chronic hand washer in your life, why not present them with nuclear soaps that glow in the dark? This three-pack features uranium, plutonium, and fallout shelter cakes. These soaps could also be placed in the public restrooms at your site. Sure to make a statement when visitors stop by the loo to freshen up.

I’ve been to my share of manufacturing plants. I’ve noticed that certain wall calendars get covered up with pictures of puppy dogs and kittens when a reporter enters the room. Don’t be embarrassed agchemistry elements wall clockain – post this Molecule of the Month calendar and be proud to ogle the curves in public.

Ever been accused of watching the clock? Now you can tell folks you’re just admiring the whimsical way this time keeper presents the hours. Is it Boron yet?

Tired of taking the rubber band off your stack of business cards? Want a snazzy way to present yourself to your colleagues anuclear sciences cards cases 51875.1410095738.310.310nd super important people at tradeshows and the like? Whip out this bad boy business card holder and hand over your card in style.

candid scienceIf reading is your thing, why not ask for the book “Candid Science: Conversations with Famous Chemists.” In this volume from 2000, 35 famous chemists, including 18 Nobel laureates, tell about their lives in science, the beginnings of their careers, their aspirations and their hardships and triumphs.

I’ve been saving the best for last – at least in my mind. I love stuff like this. . . It’s a boxed set that contains real samples of all the natural elements in the periodic table. Swoon.

Well there you have it, a short list of cool gift ideas. Don’t blame me if you get another tie, gift card or stinky perfume this year.

Note, I am not affilated with any of the vendors I've linked to on this page. Please practice safe online purchasing techniques.


Traci-bio-photo.jpgTraci Purdum is Chemical Processing’s senior digital editor and fanciful gift giver. She also likes to receive. You can email her at tpurdum@putman.net.