Intertec Launches CubeShade Protective Sunshade

Feb. 4, 2015
Intertec launched a large cube-shaped sunshade for process instrumentation.

Intertec launched a large cube-shaped sunshade for process instrumentation. It provides plant engineers with a means of shielding equipment such as electronic monitoring systems, explosion-proof junction boxes or analyzer installations from solar radiation. Dubbed CubeShade, the protective cover measures 600 x 550 x 500 mm (HxWxD), providing a 165 liter capacity shaded environment that can accommodate and protect large or multiple instruments.

Intertec's CubeShade is constructed from glass fiber-reinforced sheet molding compound (SMC), which combines chopped glass fibers, fillers, polyester resin and a catalyst in the form of a ready-to-mold composite suitable for low cost, high volume manufacturing, according to the company. The material offers high UV resistance, resistance to corrosion from salt and common petrochemicals, and a low thermal conductivity, which helps to prevent heat generated by solar radiation being transferred to the shaded area. It also combines rigidity and mechanical strength – for protection against impact – with a very low weight.

As standard, the body of the sunshade is 5 mm thick but incorporates 8 mm thick reinforcing ribs around the rim and down the back of the unit. The ribs also help to channel rain and melt-water run-off. Intertec’s design incorporates structural side walls that also shade low-angle sun, as well as providing partial protection against rain, snow, wind-chill, blown dust or sand and accidental impact. The design is also suitable for use with equipment such as explosion-proof junction boxes or distribution units and for new-build processing plant projects.

CubeShade can be mounted on a standard two-inch pipe stand, or attached directly to walls or steel structures. It is also available in an electrically conductive, antistatic version.