Steute Introduces Wireless, Battery-Free Limit Switches

April 29, 2016
Wireless Limit Switches feature an internal electrodynamic energy generator.

Steute Industrial Controls introduces Wireless Limit Switches. Wireless Limit Switches feature an internal electrodynamic energy generator and no battery is required. Displacement of the actuator generates power to send a uniquely coded signal to one or more compatible, easily programmed receivers.  If the limit switch does not receive the confirmation signal within 15 minutes, it transmits a second signal.  The receiver accepts up to 10 discrete signals per channel.

Steute Limit Switch features include:

  • Operation at 915 MHz (USA/Canada/Australia) or 868 MHz (Europe)
  • Maximum transmission range:  40 m indoors, 450 m outdoors
  • Bidirectional communications with receiver confirming receipt of signal
  • Limit switch signal configurable at receiver (e.g.  NO, NC, other)
  • Ingress protection rating:  IP67
  • Mechanical life expectancy:  > 1 million actuations
  • Operating temperature range:  -20°C to + 65°C
  • Certifications:  FCC, IC (for SW915 MHz models), EC (for 868 MHz models)

Wireless Limit Switches are available in a variety of actuator styles (e.g. roller plunger, roller lever, rocker lever, spring rod).

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