Spirax Sarco Introduces VLM20 Inline Vortex Flowmeter

July 8, 2016
Flow meter provides mass, volumetric and energy flow measurement for steam, liquid and gas applications.

Spirax Sarco introduces the VLM20 Inline Vortex Flowmeter. The VLM20 utilizes a common electronics platform that is now available in all the new 20 Series Meters to improve reliability and ease of use across the product line, according to the company.

The VLM20 utilizes a SMART multivariable transmitter with integral temperature and pressure sensor. A 1000 Ohm RTD and absolute pressure sensor are used to calculate density for mass flow and thermal energy flow from chilled, hot water and condensate return system.

The VLM20 reportedly provides a steam or gas mass flow accuracy of ± 1.5% of rate over a 30:1 flow range. Digital communications delivers real-time calculations of density, temperature, pressure, mass and thermal energy flow using Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP and HART communications in addition to the standard analog, pulse and relay outputs.

The VLM20 is available in line sizes ½” to 12” with flange ratings up to 600lb. ANSI. Wafer connections are also available from ½” – 4”. Wetted material includes carbon steel and 316L stainless steel.

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