Aalborg PFA/PTFE Rotameter Measures Corrosive Solutions

Feb. 1, 2017
Rotameter technology measures low to medium range ultra-pure or corrosive solutions.

Aalborg Instruments offers rugged, high range PTFE/PFA Model L Rotameters constructed of rigid frames and inert wetted parts. Made of PFA, PTFE and PCTFE, meters are resistant to ambient corrosives. Constructed with or without built-in needle valves, L Meters are easily mountable via panel nuts. Units are individually leak tested.

For protective personnel safety, each L Meter is supplied with a safety shield.

Features include:

  • Eliminated coated aluminum parts
  • Side panels and back plates are virgin PTFE (TEFLON).
  • Upper and lower (non-fluid contacting) end fittings are fabricated of polypropylene for corrosion resistance coupled with mechanical structural rigidity.
  • Direct reading metric/English system scales available for liquids (specific gravity=1.0)