Ametek Adds To Jofra Temperature Calibration Line

June 13, 2018
New RTC-187 Calibrator expands temperature range for Ametek’s most advanced reference temperature calibration line. .

Ametek Sensors, Test & Calibration’s most advanced and accurate temperature calibration family—the Jofra Reference Temperature Calibrator (RTC) —adds the RTC-187. The Jofra RTC-187 calibrator provides high-quality temperature measurement from -45o to 180oC, according to the company, a 25oC expansion over the previous product temperature range leader, the RTC-157. Its top temperature of 180oC is the hottest available for a calibrator that also can perform cold temperature calibrations, according to Ametek. With the RTC-187, it’s reportedly possible to perform calibrations over a 225oC (360oF) temperature range with only a single calibrator.

The RTC-187 offers features Ametek’s Dynamic Load Compensation (DLC) system that provides temperature uniformity no matter the size or number of sensors immersed, according to the company. All new RTC calibrators offer improved heating and cooling speeds that are reportedly up to 20% faster than comparable calibrators. The RTC-187 is compatible with the inserts used with the RTC-156 and RTC-157 calibrators.

The RTC-187 works with JofraCloud, which permits real-time remote calibration. JofraCloud saves time and improves work safety when calibrating sensors in difficult or dangerous locations, according to Ametek. Similarly, JofraCloud can simplify clean room readings that otherwise would require a change of clothes to enter or exit every time a reading or new set point was needed. During a process shutdown, when time is of the essence, the calibration of multiple sensors in different locations reportedly can be done from a single device.

Three RTC-187 models are available: RTC-A reference temperature calibrator, RTC-B reference temperature calibrator with inputs for a reference sensor, DLC sensor and sensors- under-test, and RTC-C reference temperature calibrator with inputs for a reference sensor and DLC sensor. RTC calibrators were specifically designed with an intuitive easy-to-use interface and come with proprietary JofraCal software as standard.